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Not all ticks off a bucket list are good ones :O

I can now tick off my bucket list…

  • Be in a 13 car accident on a motorway and SURVIVE :O.

Shocker I know, but this I can now tick off as been there done that – never do again!


So, what happened?  WELL, the other night, Calvin was working late at the office getting stuff finished – as he does.  I decided to be the “good wife” and take poor hard working Calvin some dinner.  Plus I was bored and really just felt like going for a ride.  Nothing happens at this stage, I’m just setting the scene…

Few hours later, Calvin had finished both his paperwork and his dinner that I brought for him – we decided to head home.  Calvin in his car, me in mine.  Now normally I am the one in front as I am a tad heavier footed than Calvin, BUT this time he is in front and I am maybe 2 cars behind him getting on to the motorway North – towards home.  It’s late, around 9pm-ish on the side of the road are a few cars parked up and a few flashing lights – so I move over to get out of the way (NOTE CALVIN DOESN’T).  IF ONLY I hadn’t EITHER!!!!!  Next minute BANG – car goes up car goes down – tyre goes pop Mabel goes all over her lane LOL.  AND the reason the cars are lined up on the side of the motorway -THEY ALL did the same as me; DIDNT SEE a trucks drive shaft sitting in the middle of the motorway.  My reasons for not seeing it either – well the car that was ahead of me getting on motorway was still in front of me – he saw it moved and I ran straight into it!  Calvin said he saw my lights flick up then down then a few seconds of all over the place before I came to a rest in the break down lane with 11 other cars and 1 truck.  I was number 12 – lucky last before the police thought it best to drag the drive shaft off the motorway before someone else hit it!!!!

I was one of the lucky ones – Hank (my car) is a SUV – he sits up nice and high.  All the other cars had 3 to 4 flat tyres and fluids spilling everywhere from under their cars – me, well I looked like I just had one flat.  After all details were taken from the police and Calvin had changed my tyre we returned home – continuing down the motorway and over the harbour bridge.  There wasn’t any fluids coming from under Hank nor were the other tyres going down.  All was good until I got to the tyre place to get my wheel fixed.  I asked the repair guy if he could raise poor Hank up and see if there was any underbelly damage – nope belly good.  Other wheels NOT.  

Hope I haven't used ALL my nine lives YET
Hope I haven’t used ALL my nine lives YET

Not only had I ripped apart my tyre – I had also bent the inside of not one rim (wheel) but TWO!  Both passenger side rims/wheels were completely ruined.  The tyre guy asked me how far I had driven, I told him – to which he replied go get a lotto ticket, you’re lucky this rear wheel didn’t come off the car :O.

So – here I find myself in the second week of my break from uni – waiting to hear how long it will take to get my rims/wheels (which they are hinting 5 WEEKS).  Calvin was shocked at first when I told him then glad my luck was still very current.  His face dropped he had the look of the penny dropping that he knew he was about to become my “James” – personal driver to Mabel – he he he he.

So here is to ticking another thing off my bucket list – and maybe another live gone as well :O




20 thoughts on “Not all ticks off a bucket list are good ones :O”

  1. I am very glad you are alive to tell the world this story. Better one flat tire and two bent rims than one flat and bent Mabel Jane! Pass me some of that luck, please and thank you. I’ll buy a lotto ticket over here and you buy one over there. Two continent jackpots! Tell the truth, you’ll like having Calvin be James for a bit, won’t you? 😉

    1. Too true Mark. Have to say we really don’t buy lotto tickets think we have brought maybe 2 in 5 years 😱. While I love being with Calvin and he taught me to drive (yep we have been together that long lol) I dislike the loss of independence that I have when I have to rely on Calvin leaving work on time (he’s a workaholic) 😆 and he drives too slow 😂

      1. You guys have been together since you were a kid, Mabel. My goodness. That’s … Wow! You don’t need lottery tickets, you have all the luck you need with each other. 🙂

        I see how losing the driving independence while waiting for Calvin would be a drag. How about you suggest you take his car and drive him around instead? ❤

      2. We have been together since I was 18 and Calvin was 19 so yeah I guess you could say we were kids 😱, it’s our 22 wedding anniversary in July 😱. Sadly can’t take his car it’s his work car. While I am lucky they don’t care if I drive it, Calvin is still to be in the car at the time.

  2. Glad you’re Ok, you’ve done it now though. You’ve had your chance to cop out early and missed it. Now you’re in for the long haul like the rest of us who passed up the chance too.
    Nice thought isn’t it. 🙂

  3. Wow, I am glad you are OK. Insurance fixes cars, much less painful than if you needed to be “fixed” or worse. ((hugs))

  4. What a frightening experience and story and how lucky/blessed you are to be here telling it — none the worse for wear (except a little bit of Hank!). Sorry, Hank, but you’re much easier to fix or replace! I am so glad your story has a happy ending.

    1. Yep I bounce pretty well Mark. Have just returned from a day tripping roadie in Calvins car 😱😆 insurance company have said since the car is so new (like off the production line only 6 months ago) go new that repair 😳

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