I <3 Monday's

I Heart Monday’s #17

Well back to school I go…but first a pic from our little day tripping roadie – took the photo and just as I got back into Calvin’s car the heavens opened up (for the rest of the trip lol)

2015-04-18 09.48.13-1 copy




7 thoughts on “I Heart Monday’s #17”

  1. The statue on the pole is quite interesting, Mabel Jane. The dude looks ready to fight, too. The sign in the background makes the warrior appear huge!

    I’m glad you got back in Calvin’s car before the sky opened up. I don’t want a drowned MJ. A little damp, maybe. 😉

    Good luck back to university, smart woman. Knock them out.

  2. Ah, spring is pouring from the heavens? But perhaps it’s not spring in your neck of the woods. Thanks for dropping by and checking out my site and reading BOTH posts! 😉

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