Hump day

Back at uni this week.  As I have been catching a lift in with Calvin (due to the car sitting at the tyre place waiting for approvals from our insurance company), I have been finding I have a lot of down time between classes.  One would think that I would be getting so much study done or getting ahead of pending assignments.  But one doesn’t know me then really does one HA HA HA.  Nope so far for the past three days of car-less-ness and hours between classes, I have managed to do the bare minimal school work wise and the maximum Twin Peaks viewing possible :O.  I even managed a few photography You Tube video’s yesterday as well (see I did watch something educational).


While I have missed my dear Hank (my car) I have been enjoying the little extra time with Calvin in the morning (but not his driving lol).  But I have to use this time better!  So today the plan (after finishing this post) I intent to plan for my next three up and coming assignments, look at what I have coming up next in my computer science lab (good GOD Latex typesetting) and even read a few more pages from Capital Vol 1 (Karl Marx) that I have been avoiding due to the fact that each page does cause a moment of daze and confusion from the rantings of Marx!

book cat


Then if I have time – which knowing me I will make sure I do.  Plot and plan any future trips that I have been dreaming up (I can hear the future groans of Calvin already as he reads this lol).  So without delay I should sign off for now and transform into (much like Wonder Women to Dianna Prince) a more responsible student and less of the slacker that I have been this first week back from holidays…

only in Calvin's dream's lol
only in Calvin’s dream’s lol




9 thoughts on “Hump day”

  1. You are welcome to study Mark instead of Marx, Mabel Jane. But my blog might be equally as boring and far less educational. 😉 I hope Hank’s repairs are well under way, MJ.

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