So once upon a time ago

Once upon a time ago I use to be a working photographer, but then I decided that was not for me.  I think being paid for work slowly took away my passion for photography.  Once that was gone I lost interest and after time stopped taking personal images.  It’s funny all my life all I wanted to do was take photos – then once I was I no longer wanted too.


Anyway, in recent moments I have been wiping the webs off my gear and looking at getting back into something I once had great passion for.  This time not for money but for love.  I never took much in the way of landscape photography.  Every photographer has a weakness and a strength.  My strength was studio work – didn’t matter if it was a person, a group of people, animals or objects I could play with the studio lights and work up something.  Landscapes on the other hand, mmmm well I have the eye just not (yet) the touch to produce what I see.  It takes time and practice, much like it did all those years ago when I first started out in the studio.


So even though Calvin is groaning because he knows I will want to go to the most weird and unusual places to take a photo of a leaf falling from a tree or a fog covered mushroom field, I know he will suck it up – because it will shut me up for a time lol.  Plus I always pack a good thermos of coffee and make cheese and onion sandwiches just the way he likes them – payment for lugging all my gear around.  I intend to practice locally and get my craft to top notch before I venture anywhere.  I hope by the time comes around that we are back in Australia that I have sorted all the kinks out as there are a few places I would not mind revisiting with my camera in tow!



6 thoughts on “So once upon a time ago”

  1. I like to take landscape pictures, but I always envy the people who live where we visit as I so often find after I’ve gone home that my pictures aren’t quite what I had in mind when I pointed the camera. Often I find that my favourite pictures happen by chance too, when I’ve found myself in the right place at the right time, but they’re even more rewarding if I’ve thought about it beforehand and put myself in the right place at the right time and that’s a lot easier to do that if the landscape is on your doorstep. 😀

  2. That’s great news about your renewed interest in the camera and lens, Mabel Jane! Your eye will be quite good at catching the landscape in no time, I am sure, as it was gaining the right light and angles and poses in the studio. You are full of surprises, you know!

    Keep Calvin happy with cheese-and-onion and show us the results of your vim and vigor, Mabel Jane! Have fun. Most important!! ❤

    1. Will post some shortly just making the time to do post work is the real issue at the moment Mark 😐 must be good school work first 😖. Oh I’m one of those unreadable books well as Calvin keeps on telling me lol

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