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Just goes to show…

It just goes to show you – that it doesn’t matter where you go, or how much you spend as long as you are with the people that mean the world to you.  Calvin is flat out at work at the moment.  At times I feel like I am in competition with his work.  Never a nice feeling and one I cannot win – as whom am I fighting?


This past weekend was a three day long one.  We didn’t go away anywhere as Calvin had brought home a stack of work to get through.  But on Monday I was lazing about looking out our bay window at the pouring rain messing about on Pinterest as I do and Calvin popped his head in from his study to see what I was up too (as in making sure I was not booking any trips anywhere lol).


To my surprised Calvin jumped on the bed next to me and we watched the rain together and he even took a little time to see what “this Pinning is all about”.  Have to say it was the best hour from the whole three days off.  Free to boot!

So it just goes to show you that spending money or travelling to other places doesn’t alway have to be the thing to do!  (Please note I said not always but there is sometimes lol – travel is in my blood).  Not when you have a window full of rain and your best mate beside you while you are pinning away!


So go hug the one you love 🙂




42 thoughts on “Just goes to show…”

    1. Yep raw Spanish onion (the red ones) but the cheese has to be grated don’t know why just tastes better 😆. My mum use to play me Amadeus on the piano when I was young but only just started really enjoying it lately

      1. that’s me jazz & ..they are so good…i tried like 7 kinds this winter, b/c i’m allergic to soy & i even tried green lentil & pumpkin but this is the best: beans,pumpkin, oats , cinnamon, garam marsala (sp) raw onion & garlic bake 400 for 20 min.

      2. LOL shopping sucks here and it’s always green (because it rains a lot 😱) and well most of your cities have more people in them that the whole country ( think we are at about 4.5mil as a nation currently) so if you like heaps of space it’s the place to be so head on over.

      3. Oh and I forgot to mention we drive on the other side of the road and have we have a thing for round-abouts which I don’t ever remember seeing in America 😱

      4. on my honeymoon, i was afraid ,thinking about forgetting which side of the road to drive on in st. thomas, but i don’t drive neck doesn’t turn to see & my arms fall asleep on the wheel…lol

  1. I remember when I had a relaxing night in Chicago with my parents in May 2011, and posted on Facebook (almost exactly 4 years ago): “Whom you are with. It’s more important than where you are.” We could have been in Po-Dunk-Middle-Of-Nowhere and I would have been happy since I hadn’t seen my parents in four months.

  2. Look at the interesting conversations you started here with your pinning tales, Mabel Jane. Jazz, cheese, Wofie Mozart, parents, more Pinning, wow.

    Glad to see you win out over the Job. Calvin is smart one hour out of every weekend? 😉

    Have a good Wednesday, Mabel Jane. Hank back in your life yet?

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