who’s on what?

So, the other day I did a post – as I do, but it lead to a few exchanges of handles for this and that.  It got me thinking what other social media is everyone else on?


So open forum – in the comments below please add links to your blogs, twitter addy’s, Instagram user names and pinner’s pages…and blah blah blah for all the rest of them lol.

Here are the ones that I use the most (you will note that Facebook is missing – while I have one I don’t use it all that much as I find it is filled with hater’s and well I just have no time for that)

I am here and:

Pinterest : user name is livinglikemabel (let me know that you’re from the blog so I can follow you back)

Instagram : @mabelandcalvin (my account is private I have to accept your request)

Twitter: @livinglikemabel (let me you’re from my blog so I know to follow you back!)

  • I pin a bit mostly to do with travels, DIY (which I never try lol), photography and at the moment house reno’s.
  • On my/our (but really it’s just me lol) instagram page I am currently doing a project 365 where I post a photo every day until 31st December 2015 – then it will return to my random images of odd bits and bobs.
  • My tweets come in rapid fire LOL sometimes I tweet heaps then nothing for days – when we are on the road I tweet ALOT with piccy’s and what we are up too as well.

As I said while I do have a FB, I really am over the hater’s that seem to always pop in, make a nasty comment and pop out again.  Mostly lovely family members’ which I cannot unfriend – so I solved this I just don’t post there much anymore – they can go hate somewhere else (and most of them are too stupid to use twitter so I am safe there!).  SEE Facebook brings hater comments – BE GONE lol.

So I hope you share your other places or even just your blog so I can and others can add you as well.



13 thoughts on “who’s on what?”

  1. Hi Mabel, I’ve also often wondered how many different media sites that bloggers use – good idea to write a post and ask! Duh – Why didn’t I think of that? Most of us list our social media contacts on our blogs but I’m not sure how much of a workout they get. I have just followed you on Twitter – I’m a slow learner but like reading a variety of tweets. I’m on Pinterest as well (as Deb’s World) but don’t use it much yet. I love using Instagram and I already follow you there :)@Debs__World I’m also have a page on Facebook as Deb’s World and use it to share some of my blog posts. Thankfully I haven’t had the same experience that you have had. Nice to chat!!

    1. Just followed you back on Twitter Debbie 👍 I will have a lookie for you on Pinterest for you as well. I was I little like you at first with Pinterest but now I love it. Has endless stuff on there to find 😃 I follow you already on Instagram love your photos 👍.

      1. Thanks for that. I already follow you on Instagram too. I’ll keep trying with Pinterest. I am using it mainly for my daughter’s upcoming wedding and do enjoy browsing. I’ll have to expand my outlook. 😊

  2. Other social media: you can find me on twitter @stephen_rees which also feeds into facebook
    flickr for lots of pictures
    google+ +StephenRees and blogger
    not that there is very much very often on the last two

    Originally twitter and facebook were to promote my blog (thanks for following and the likes) but seem to have taken on a life of their own

  3. OK, is your name really Mable? LOL.
    Well THANK YOU for visiting my recovery blog, I have a feeling, Thanks to Harsh Reality?
    He is SO Awesome!

    I just followed here and on your Twitter! I am @LUV_Recovery and @kitcatlyon
    I’m enjoying my visit and reading your fabulous posts. I love bloggers who Keep It Real.
    Now if you’d like some new blog sharing tips? I have some awesome blog share websites you may want to add your blog URL to gain more traffic? My other blog is book & social media promotions.

    I have a page listed for book & SM tips and advice! You’ll find the links there to add your blog. Happy to meet you! XO

    Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂

    1. Nope real name isn’t Mabel but my name does actually start with M and middle name starts with J 😆 yep HR hand his hand in me finding your blog. I will look for you on Twitter in a little bit and add. Thanks for the sharing of the tips. That’s what it’s all about as a blogging community if you ask me 😀.
      I’m really glad you find my posts as real as that is what I try to keep it even though I can be on the bubble gum side of life it’s still life in my little world. Looking forward to reading more of your blog and thanks again for stopping by and sharing your info Catherine.
      M.J xxx

  4. Hey Mabel Jane, I am @mbialczak on Twitter. I just went over and followed you there. Cool! OK, I am on Facebook, but you don’t like it anymore, so, we won’t bother. I don’t Pin or anything like that. I do LinkedIn under my name, if you ever go there for professional business contacts. Have a great day. Good idea here, my friend.

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