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How do I title this?

I had a few minutes free in-between classes today, so I decided to look at my classes for next semester.  You know seeing what books I have to get/read/flick through :O.  Anyway I was looking at one and found the outline for the current class.  YOU are going to laugh when I tell you this.  BUT 30% of the grade comes from making a… wait for it… BLOG!  MMMMM oh the stress what will I do, how do I make a blog :O.


Now I am not saying that this blog is perfect, awesome or is 100% correct all the time.  What I am saying is, at least I don’t have to stress out about working out where to start!   Gee I hope that they don’t change to outline for the next semester!  It will be nice going into the class knowing I don’t have to stress out about one of the assignments – well stress out as much that least.  The whole making of the blog will be second nature, it will just depend on what content they will be looking for that will be the cause of my stress.  I also read that the second assignment is on TV from the 1980’s – so since I pretty much sat in front of the box as a kid (throughout the 80’s) I should be right there as well.  Stage two classes – ahh you gotta love them!  NOW again I am not saying this because I think this blog is awesome – I am just stating that there COULD be less stress for this paper – for example when comparing to reading and writing about Karl Marx and his Capital book.  Which will be the first of my four exams – I so hate Mr Marx :L.



BACK to exam prep I go…

9 thoughts on “How do I title this?”

  1. That sounds great! It somewhat reminds me of one of the classes that I took in undergraduate, when I had already completed Assignment #1 of 3-5 pages of journaling, before I even stepped into the classroom. (I didn’t know I would be assigned that!)

  2. Assignment No. 3: Befriend an American by the name of Mark. 😉

    You are going to do well in this class, Mabel Jane. Blogging and ’80s TV. Poor teenagers. Please keep the same course syllabus, teacher!

    1. I know I was chatting to one girls who is just finishing it and she said half the TV shows she had never heard of? I asked her like what and she said oh some freaky muppets takeoff called the thunderbirds and a lame space show called Space 1999 ha ha ha ha ha only have to add the man from UNCLE and I’m set 😜😱😂

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