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OH yeah I can smell the freedom

YEP exams are now over for this semester!  WOOHOO!!! So I have the next 24 days off – argh freedom… but after I get ALL the washing done, clean the bathroom and catch up on everything that has been happening in the world – both real and cyber!


I just KNOW that the next 24 days are going fly by just like that and I will be back to the books before I even take 5 mins!  ANYWAYS, I have a plan to make up for the missing presence on the blog of late…


I am going to blog every day right up until I return back to university.  Just like my 30 day challenge awhile back, but this time round I only have 24 days.  Today is counted as day ONE.

What am I going to post?  Heck no idea – it will pretty much be on the fly, what I am thinking will spill from my mind onto my keyboard – so saying this – it could get interesting LOL.


So lets call it a day for now, I can’t use everything on day ONE you know!

Chat tomorrow




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