Calvin request…

A few months ago (during the last mid term break) Calvin requested a few photos of me for his desk.  After I picked myself off the floor – Calvin doesn’t normally have the personal touch on his desk – that’s more a ‘ME’ thing than a Calvin thing.  Anyway as I was saying, Calvin asked for a few photos for his desk.  I said I would pick two and do them in my spare time over the (prior) school holidays.   Three months went by AND I have FINALLY got around to printing out 2 photos.  A true artist cannot be rushed I say HA HA HA HA!

Anyway, one of the two photos that I decided I really liked – is one of the two of us leaning on an old 100 plus year old head stone, in an abandoned graveyard, in a ghost town in the middle on the Australian Outback.  Everyone else would have picked a cheerful settings; like a wedding photo of the two of us 20 something years ago or such like. NOPE not ME :L.  I pick a graveyard photo YEP *BLINK BLINK* LOL

2015-02-26 09.14.56
that odd square in the background of the photo is a reflection of the window behind me 😛 before anyone asks me what it is…


The other photo is basically a normal photo – actually it was a studio shot of me that a mate took a few years back, so I was happy how I looked.  On the odd occasion – normal isn’t totally out of the question for me, I can do normal when required (sometimes – if pushed lol).

WHY I picked a graveyard photo you are wondering?  Simple it just happens to be a photo that both of us like AND the main point, it brings back instant memories of that trip.  Isn’t it all about the memories and not the content of the photo?  See the other studio taken photo – while everything is “perfect”.  The lighting, the pose, the framing blah blah blah, it just doesn’t scream ME or to that fact the Calvin I know (the real Calvin – the out of his suit Calvin).

So I guess what I am trying to say, is that my graveyard photo SCREAMS the two of us – generally we find ourselves in the oddest of places up to the unusual of things.  But it is just US – this time round I was messing about with a photographic thingie commonly known as ‘painting with light, where one person preforms any action of movement with a light source (like a torch, lighter or whatever) in low light (like last light).  While the person with the camera takes long exposure shots of what ever they are doing – this time round Calvin was writing his name using a torch as he was walking past the headstone – see nothing odd in that.


The photo of us standing about in the graveyard in the middle of the outback waiting for the sun to set telling each other very lame ghost stories – that, well really wasn’t scaring either of us but it helped the time pass I guess. We had a blast, and the photo takes me straight back there!  And if photo’s are not for bringing back good memories – then what are they for!

Chat tomorrow then…




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