Singapore watch out Calvin and Mabel are returning!

Yep, it has been a few years since we were last in Singapore.  I think at least 10 years in fact.  Calvin has some business thing over in Singapore and guess what?  I get to tag along as well!  Calvin has added a few extra days so we have some time to visit places together but I will have 3 days to go it solo while he attends meetings.  Pretty sure I will find things to do over there.


I have to say I actually LOVE Singapore!  The last time we were there wasn’t long enough and was with family so we didn’t get to do everything that we wanted to do.  THIS time we have longer and while YES Calvin has set days where he will have to attend meetings the rest we have to ourselves!


So the flight over is another long haul one.  This is the only down side to the trip – the trip over is just under 11hrs and the return trip is just over 9 hours.  Can’t wait for September to roll around and we head out!  I have many plans to make, places to add to my must see list!  Like revisiting the Singapore Zoo and some shopping.  OH then there is spending a day at the gardens, another at some of the temples and yep another at the bird park ohhhhh and knocking back one or three Singapore Slings at Raffles Hotel!  Can’t forget sipping a cool sling while we are there!


Well, I am off to plan chat tomorrow guys!




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