Why are there so many lemon trees?

So I went for a little walk today, just around our street.  I noticed that nearly everyone has a lemon tree in the front yard.  Odd thing to notice I know, but then it got me thinking?  Why does everyone have a lemon tree planted?  WE even have one in the front.


But it’s not just own street you see.  Since I went for my walk I later went for a drive to the shops and what do you know – lemon trees all over the place!  I never noticed it before now.  I wonder why our little suburb has such an obsession with lemons?  Odd thing is that even though it’s the middle of winter over here, they all also seem to be full of lemons as well!

Makes you wonder – do other suburb grow certain fruit trees themes as well?  Does yours?

LOL – why yes I was bored today!

Till tomorrow I guess.



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