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What type of traveller are you?


So we are coming up to a few trips – first in only 2 wks.  But it got me thinking what type of traveller are you?
Are you a backpacking youth – saving what you can where you can.  Or are you a 6-star princess with porters are each point of call.  A family loaded road tripping I spy with my little eye or like me a bohemian-ish but still staying the 4 to 5 star hotels?  Hey I am a traveller that while I am on the road I like to be treated the right way at the hotel and have a comfy bed each night but once out of the hotel I prefer to see the not-so normal and real world of the places we visit.


I think that I am more bohemian when Calvin isn’t about – he can be a little bit too ‘English’ as I like to tease him sometimes.

Well, my intention is to be very bohemian for our second trip on the books.  As you know we are going to Singapore for Calvin’s work.  While he is at his meetings I will be out and about in the city of Singapore – SOLO.  I have plans to visit Little India and get some traditional henna done while I am there.


45053c09c34112f02a9d218d6d0f4b29Nothing too fancy just something simple like the photo above :).  The last time we were over in Singapore I didn’t have the time to get it done – this time round I will.  And since I love walking around local markets Little India is on my list to see (again) and when I am solo.  So why not get the henna done to fill in time while waiting for Calvin I say!

Anyway let us all know how you like to travel in the comments below.

Chat tomorrow guys 🙂



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5 thoughts on “What type of traveller are you?”

  1. Ooh, you must share pictures of your henna when it’s done. 🙂
    I’m a slow traveller, I like to take my time, plod even and look about me, everywhere. I don’t mind what sort of accommodation I’m in, so long as it’s warm, I don’t even mind sleeping in a tent, but in summer of course.
    I tire easily and very often need a nap so I don’t think a road trip holiday would be for me,I think I prefer to stay somewhere local to the visit where I can return to base for a recharge when needed.:-)

  2. I like comfort in the hotel, yes, Mabel Jane, but not extravagant. Not rich! I like to visit the touristy places and also the real-life places where the everyday folk go as well. And, of course, my dear wife Karen and I are part of a group of friend that go on cruise ships, and we like to tour the ports on the big buses so we can see as much as we can. 🙂

    1. Hate the bus tours, went on one once with a Aunt and Unlce of Calvins – NEVER AGAIN!! LOL But I will pick your brain at the end of the year when are heading off on a cruise we have just booked 🙂

      1. Certainly glad to have my brain picked by you, Mabel Jane. Hey, just because you had that one bad bus tour doesn’t mean you’d hate them all. We’ve had a bad one, too, and some really good ones. Depends on the driver and the company on the bus, yes it does. 🙂

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