9 words that I would have never guessed I would SAY – EVER!


BUT I DO!  So anyone that knows-me-knows-me.  Knows that I am the anti-ironer of all times.  Normally I will make sure that I buy clothes that does not need ironing at all just to make sure!  Calvin has ALWAYS been the ironer in our little family.  Since he was in the Navy and HAD to iron his uniforms in a certain way – he ironed.  But since he is working and I am at university, it really isn’t fair that I don’t do his ironing for him while he is the only bread winner!


WELL, the ironing board that he has been using – AWFUL just plain old nasty and long overdue for replacing!  The other Sunday while we were out and about shopping I saw a shop that I know has boards AND with a sale on – straight in straight out.  With Calvin walking just behind me with my new ironing board.  He had the biggest smile on his face – only because I am turning into such a house wife.  You see over the past year and a bit since being back at school all of a sudden I am home more so I try to get everything tidy before he gets back from work.  Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t not pulling my weight with the house hold chores when I was working full time – I have always been the one that cooks and pretty much the main one that hung all the clothes out.  BUT there was no way I would get up and iron his work shirts or to that fact clean the bathroom – they were his bag.


And just about now you are thinking MMMMM super exciting post Ms Mabel – WELL it is LOL.  Even my (dear departed) Mum would have fallen over hearing that I am ironing and not because I HAVE TOO!  Can’t remember how many times I would hear her yelling from the other room – “get back in here and iron that – you can’t go out looking like that!” when I was younger.  So this is a life changing event here people – I am ironing AND enjoying it!

COME on I just ironed his undershirts and handkerchiefs as well!  There has to be bonus wifey points in that – SURELY!



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