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Where was Mabel?

Well yesterday I totally got caught in the moment with post processing images from not our last trip to America but our first trip WAY back in 2011/12 – YES shocking I know!

Since I have been so very slack at actually getting around to processing AND printing out our travel photos I wasn’t going to stop for anything.

Here are just two of the images that I was working on yesterday from 100.  I still have about 400 images just from that trip to get through :O

The Grand Canyon Christmas Evening 2011
The Grand Canyon Christmas Evening 2011

This pic was taking as the sun was setting on Christmas Day – COLD so cold it was but people everywhere!  There was alight dusting of snow – it was our first winter Christmas and our first Christmas snow 😀

The second one of the pics was us sitting at the beach in LA in the very early morning – hardly anyone about – which for LA is rare!

Lifes a beach

I joked with Calvin to run in slow-mo and show me his best Hoff but he declined and just sat on the beach and relaxed for a bit.  I know that I rarely display my images from my real camera on my blog.  The reason for this is that I don’t want my blog to turn into yet another photography blog showing my stuff.  But these two I just liked and wanted to share with you all 🙂

Right I am off to the vet – it will take me about 30 mins to get the dog (a chow chow) into the car, so I should be on time LOL

Chat tomorrow – hope you like my snaps 🙂



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