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Well well well…

Haven’t I been absent of late?  Well pretty much I just plain haven’t felt like blogging much. And for me if my hearts not in it nor are my fingers lol. 

So what’s new for me? Well going along swimmingly with university – so far so good, passing everything.  Both Calvin and myself are healthy and most of all happy. AND we are heading off to Singapore this coming Saturday- woohoo.  Haven’t been to Singapore in just under a decade so it will be great to see what has changed and what is new over there!  

singapore here we come

Have booked a few behind the scene tours at the zoo and have plans to go to the bird park and many of the beautiful temples and gardens.  Sadly poor Calvin will be working for four of the seven days that we are over there for. But I will try and make up for that … I am thinking to make up for his absence while I am wondering around Singapore solo I better take my trusty camera with me to show him what he missed out on and an updated wallet photo for him just in case I actually miss him.  

So let’s see if this post stirs my blog emotions and gets the fingers tap tap tapping again?
Hope you are all well
Take care…

Mabel πŸ’‹


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