And we are finally off…

In just under two hours we will be sitting on the runway waiting to take off for 7 days in Singapore.  Pretty sure we have remembered everything including turning the lights off and locking the front door lol. 

A mate sent me a post on the haze that is currently sitting over Singapore πŸ‘ŽπŸ» lets just hope that by the time we arrive that the winds have sweeped the smoke somewhere else 😜.  And this doesn’t cause us any issues while we are over there. 

This time round I have sorted my data for my phone before we leave and the hotel has wifi included – so the only thing that stops me from posting while we are away on this trip is ME πŸ˜†. 

Can’t wait for Monday, I have booked a full days behind the scenes tour at the Singapore Zoo.  This is one event that I have been hanging out for since I contacted the zoo 2 months ago πŸ™ˆ and now it’s only days away!

Anyway just wanted to post a quick note before getting on our flight. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and will check in with you all in a few days. 

πŸ’‹ Mabel πŸ’‹ 


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