How interesting?

I typed up a post the other day and saved to draft – so I could post later on.  I just, this very minute popped in to upload this “saved draft”; only to discover I have no saved drafts at all 🙄

I am pretty sure that it wasn’t a dream – you know the whole typing up the post thing and all!?  Well I think that I am sure lol!

So it looks like I am going to have to start all over again.  Which is a pity because for the life of me I can’t fully remember what I went on about – maybe it was a dream 😜. Great now I dreaming about blogging. 

Anyway enough about my non existent life at the moment and back to this post 2.0.  As you know I am currently on summer holidays from university.  And yep don’t you know it – I am ill.  I am on the tail end of bronchitis- mostly now just a barking cough.  Thank God I have gotten my voice back.  Calvin had a nice 3 day nag free break while it was gone lol. Currently I am quietly speaking to any and all Gods that all signs of illness freakishly vanish by midday  30th Dec – the day we set sail on the love boat.  Ohhhhhh that reminds me I should download the theme song of the love boat for a ringtone – it will drive Calvin nuts lol. 

Now as some of you may know, this isn’t our 1st trip on the love boat. We went on a different operator a few years back – the weather was dreadful and both Calvin and myself weren’t really in the right state of  mind to set sail; as my father had just passed away a few weeks before. But the trip was paid in full and no refund was available – so off we went. This time round no stress and the skies are blue (well ish).  It is only a short hop. Four days sailing to Sydney Australia, then a few days catching up with our friends and back home again. With our good mate Kathleen from Sydney joining us for five days in New Zealand.  Really looking forward to disconnecting from both the cyber world and the real world. Time to kick back and let the relaxing begin. 

Anyways. I’m off. Hope you are all well this week and that you all have your Christmas shopping done so you can avoid the malls – so glad I have. Chat soon. 



4 thoughts on “How interesting?”

  1. That’s an interesting comment about disconnecting from both the cyber world and the real world. Sometimes, I feel that one’s connection to the real world is inversely proportional in some regime to their connection to the cyber world.

    1. With Calvin’s work Noah a real world disconnect is really needed. Work contacts him all hours of the day/night and even on the weekends 😳. Really going to love the fact he is not contactable 😆.

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