Been a long time!

Feels like I am always explaining why I haven’t been posting!  

But, if I really think about it; I just haven’t been in the mood to blog.  How to fix the problem you ask?  Well, eat fix go out and buy a new keyboard for my iPad.  BANG – in the mood to post a blog!  

Also, I really have to mention, one of the main reasons of my current lack of blog-state-of-mind was all the changes that WordPress made to the app.  Simply put –  I hated them.  As a result I would wait until I had my laptop or was home in front of the desktop.  Which, if you know me/us – is not really all that often.  

So, once I decided that I could not work without a stand alone keyboard, I just had to go out and buy one.  You know, so I could really get the full use from my iPad.  Or as Calvin likes to put it – Mabel wanted a new toy – Mabel gets a new toy.  Both are technically correct LOL!

After some time reading up on the different types of keyboards out there; I ended up with a Logitech Blok (with the protective cover).  The keyboards have improved since I last had one.  The Bluetooth connection is seamless and super fast!  Even, the first hook up was smooth and dummy proof or ‘Mabel-proof’ a Calvin says. 

What I really love about this set up is how easy it is to remove the keyboard.  All I have to do is pull and I  have the iPad as a stand alone unit (in a protective cover).  

And with the magnetic locking system – snap – back together again.  Simply and hassle free, even a monkey OR Calvin could do it.  

What is even better is that this new set up is going to make my bag lighter for university AND while travelling as well – win-win situation!  Additionally, having the lighter set up, will mean that I actually take my iPad out with me more often – that thinking ‘nah too heavy’ – so leave it behind.

Anyway, anything that gets the posts back and flowing weekly is something that is good – and if it means getting a new gadget EVEN BIGGER BETTER BONUS!

Now I just have to get back into the habit of posting AND work out what to post about :O. FOr now I am on the right track to getting back to posting.





5 thoughts on “Been a long time!”

  1. Welcome back. I love the look of that, I used to have a little keyboard for my 7inch tablet, it was great, but sadly still to small for my chubby wee fingers to type comfortably on. I agree with you too, I much prefer typing at my PC, usually however by the time I sit down I’ve forgotten what it is I wanted to blog about lol

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