New Year, new travel plans

Since I haven’t posted much this year, I haven’t told you that we have plans to return to the U.S.A.  Not until November sadly.  But none the less, still this year. And every day that passes is a day nearer to us heading out.  Plan is, at this stage we will fly out the 18th November – which will mean our very first Thanks Giving.  We don’t have anything like Thanks Giving this side of the world – so it will be a real treat. Where will we be having our very first Thanks Giving?  Well New York City!  Which means – Macy’s Thanks Giving Day Parade AND as such Black Friday as well!  

Very excited about both days, but tad freaked out about my first Black Friday being in New York City. Hope I have handle the shoppers there!  After a week in New York City, we are catching the train down to Washington DC and more importantly.  Catching up with my BBF for a week (with the hubby’s tagging along).  Both couples love going to museums, and Annabel and I both love to shop!   So I am pretty sure the whole five days of catching up will be full on from the moment we together.  Our next stop will be catching up with some online buds that we have already met in the real world in Alabama. Awesome folks – we have four days with them, taking in the local sights and early Christmas sounds.   The last few days will be in Houston TX, where Clavin has some work meetings and I have some shopping to attend too.  So once again, I am looking forward to a mega trip away – and yes I have the countdown set – come on that was set months ago.

In the mean time,have a few small trips about New Zealand to help the days move along – oh and university 

Chat soon




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