Two down. ONE to go!

Well, I have now completed two exams; as of this morning!  Sadly, the hardest exam is my last exam – which is next Tuesday.  On the positive side – I have four full days to study.  I decided to rest my little brain-box this afternoon.  It really does feel like I have done nothing and gone no where since the exam period started a few weeks back.  Feels like I have been chained to my little desk in the corner – water and bread passed to me every few hours LOL.  So after this mornings exam I headed down the hill from university and caught the train over to Calvins place of work.  YES-YES I know that the bus home is half the distance – BUT I like catching trains and I simply LOVE Britomart train station.  So many reason to hop on a train at Britomart and I am IN!
Now that I have arrived – there isn’t anything to do and he does not finish work for a few more hours – really I didn’t think this through (oh well the train was worth it lol).  SO with a few spare moments on my hands, I have decided to jump on the blog and touch base with everyone.  

The planning stages of our November USA road trip are coming to an end.  We have finally set the route and most of the hotels have been booked (which is not the norm for the both of us!).  All that is left to do is to contact a few people that we are going to catch up with AND find some interesting sights to see!  Calvin googled the Amityville horror house – have added that to our list.  I found the location of the steps from the Exorcist movie and we are finally going to see Niagara Falls!  So things are coming along nicely!  We sadly had to cut Chicago – after it was added, removed, added again then finally cut completely.  We will just have to return another time – maybe in Summer!   I am again counting down the days until our flight – gives me something to look forward too.  Other than the fact that I finish university 3 days prior!

YEP, this is my final year of university!  When we return from our America trip in December I will have to start looking for paid employment – no longer will I be the free spirited university student.  No longer will I have four to five weeks off every 13 weeks with four months over the Christmas/New Year period!  While I am looking forward to being in the land of the paid; where adults roam free – I will miss the relaxed student life that I have being living for the past two and a half years.

Anyway I have gone on for long enough.  I now intend to sit and stare at Calvin to try and convince him to take an early mark – *evil grin*

So – until after my next exam… I will return after the 22nd June…



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