USA 2016

Only 144 days to go

There is only 144 days before we fly back to America for another mega road trip.  This will be our third major road trip around the States (and most likely the last big one).  Once again we are taking on 9910 km’s (or 6158 miles) over 24 days.  The average days drive – 6 to 7 hours.  Which, going from our past trips; this is nothing!  Very excited to add places that we have not yet visited – like Niagara Falls.  But also looking forward to revisiting places and people – like, NYC for example.  Our last trip to NYC; well – let’s put it this way, SNOW SNOW SNOW!  So much snow, they decided to close the city for the day :/.


The trip has changed so many times I have lost count.  The variable, it seems; is Calvin.  Every time he looks at the route or the plan – things seem to change.  Hence I have decided to keep him out of the loop until we are on the plane heading to America – in 144 days!  Don’t get me wrong – I value his input.  I just hate having the plan change that many times – especially when I have to book and cancel hotels and meeting people!  SO – as it stands no more changes – the route is… drum roll please!

2016 road trip

As we always, this route will change on the fly.  THIS change I can handle and actually LOVE!  We see a road-sign that grabs us; off we divert, down some dirt road – side tracking from the plan and finding adventure.  Nothing beats that kind of travel changes!  One thing that I am thankful for – Clavin actually prefers to be cut out of the loop.  Calvin finds planning and plotting painful.  He is one that simply enjoys being told where to go and when.  Pretty sure it is because this way is the complete opposite from his working life – but that suits us both.  As I am a planner.  Well, as I said I only have 144 days to plan this road trip.  Now my exams are over for another semester.  I now have time for both the blog and my planning – which is where I am off to right now!


Chat next week – where I will blog about my short break with my niece down to Taupo (New Zealand).




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