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Seems to be something lacking of late…

Well I am once again back at university.  Amazing to say that this (should) be my last semester – pending everything continuing like it has been.  Since I only have 2 exams from my 4 remaining papers, there is a lot of weekly graded course work – so it feels as if I am writing ALL the time.  This you would think, would make it easy for me to blog/post.  But this seems not to be the case?!?  There seems to be something lacking for the blog and me –  I can’t put my finger on it?


I wonder if the amount of  writing that I am currently experiencing from university has killed my passion to blog or to write personally?  Because I have to say, that he lack of posts is not because of the lack of things we have been up too.  If anything, our personal life is just as full as my university life.  We have just returned from our annual wedding anniversary trip down to the snow.  Where, neither of us ski or anything sporty like that.  Which is handy as this time round we couldn’t see any snow, due to the clouds on the ground and all the rain – I am starting to think Fiji for our 2017 trip!  We have also been to a movie or two.  PLUS we have even joined a new club.  Out of the blue Calvin decided that we should start to fine tune our public speaking by attending a toastmasters club – yes yes those who know me will be thinking “Mabel you already speak too much!” and “Really do you need to tune any more” LOL.  But we went – had fun and plan on returning!  I have even been in full swing with planning our next big USA road trip coming up in Nov/Dec.  So really, I have ample things to write about – I just don’t feel like writing about it?

I wonder if I need to change things up a tad – give myself something to be challenged to blog about?  Maybe writing the same old thing week after week – I have become bored.  Like a cat becomes bored with their recent kill – LOL.  Maybe I need to create a new routine and set myself too actually stick to the routine.  Doing this may actually (re)create my routine to post BUT also bring back to life my passion to write.

So I am now setting myself a 21 day challenge – for the next 21 days I will blog every day.


The only rule – simple – I have to post something everyday from now (the 7th August) until the end, in 21 days (so the last post will be the 27th August).  No stead fast themes – no word counts – no restrictions – just passion in my posts.  Be them wordless or wordy!

I hope I don’t annoy and take over anyones feed – and if some of you are feeling the same; I hope you decide to join me (if you can) AND if you do please feel free to post a comment with a link to your blog :).

So – til tomorrow …



Day 1 of 21


11 thoughts on “Seems to be something lacking of late…”

    1. Few years back I did a 30/30 and totally agree it was very hard – I’m hoping 21 is a little easier 😆. Good luck with your 30! And I’m looking forward to reading them Darryl 👍🏻

  1. Blogging, for some, at least, seems to run in cycles. I know it’s happened to me more than once in the past, & when the desire to post leaves, I always wonder if “this” time, it’s gone for good. So far, it’s always come back, for which I am very glad.

    I’ve also used the “insert amount of days here” challenge, as well as other types of writing challenges, to stir the pot on my shoulders, & get the creative juices bubbling. Good luck with your goal, & happy writing!

  2. I’ve done self-imposed post-every-day challenges each May and October since 2012, with no theme other than just posting every day. (However, in 2014, when I blogged every single day of the year, I made the posts from those months themed by the music that I listened to.)

    Sometimes, I feel that even if your personal life is busy, perhaps it reduces motivation for blogging. But I like your idea of a post-every-day challenge.

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