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Am I swayed by inner monologues?

Really am I swayed by all things that contain inner monologues?

Popular culture theorists say that what makes a thing popular is the fact that we see something that is familiar.  That we search out the things that make us feel safe or that we can association with or desire to be.

SO with my borderline (inner) lust with all that is inner monologue-ie – does that mean I am walking about in my daily life narrating the world that goes by?


Because, if I think about what books, television shows, movies etc etc that I really “feel a connection” with or really enjoy – they mostly seem to have some form of inner monologue happening.  I truly blame ‘Sex in the City’ for this!  As this is my earliest recognition of longing for anything that is inner monologue entertainment.

I have a small confession; even now as I am typing this post – MY inner monologue is in full swing!


So should I do a Carrie Bradshaw and get a pink tutu, stand in the middle of Manhattan looking for my Mr Big?

Now if/when you met me in the person, I have created a fear that you will be wondering “good GOD what is Mabel’s inner monologue saying about me?”  It seems I cannot help myself!  At my inner monologue is not on the loud speaker like some people :O well, mostly not on the loud speaker lol. 


So my last word before signing off…  when you think about it -even the word itself sounds kinda sexy as hell!

Go on say it, slowly with lust, meaning and passion in-ner mo-no-logue.


Til tomorrow my friends…


Day 2 of 21


2 thoughts on “Am I swayed by inner monologues?”

  1. That’s an interesting point. I think that everyone has inner monologues talking, but some have it more than others. I don’t think I’m aware of mine, but it wouldn’t bother me if others have it more… as far as I know.

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