30 Day Challenge, Blogging, USA 2016

doubles anyone?

Well, we have finally reached the double digits with the countdown to our USA mega road trip!


You watch time will slow down from now on!  This always seems to happen to me?  Time flows at a supersonic speed right up to this point – then BANG every day that we get nearer to our flight  – I feel like as if I am Neo stopping Mr. Smith bullets BUT in my case the bullets represent time.


Though, I should say that the complete stoppage of time doesn’t truely occur until we are about 2 weeks out, the real kicker happens day before the flight – really it feels as if with each minute that passes; another minute adds to the end of the day!  AND the day we fly out – well that is intense, nail pulling, watching the pot boil beyond belief LONGEST day of the year!  What makes it worse, is that our flight does not take off until 11PM.  YEP – I will wake at the crack of dawn; all excited, rearing to go – and I will just have to sit and wait, and W A I T!  Calvin on the other hand; will be the lucky one – he at least will have a full day at work before flying out…


… ME – on the other hand – well the cat ‘gif’ says it all 😀 

Til tomorrow


Day 3 of 21


2 thoughts on “doubles anyone?”

  1. The countdowns are always exciting for things. At the bottom of each of my blog posts, I have several countdowns going on (each of them intended like the road signs that tell how far you are from certain destinations.)

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