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Tad of a coffee addict…

It seems that I have become a tad bit of a coffee addict since starting at university.


Why this is strange?  See, I really did not drink coffee or many hot drinks before university.  When I did actually drink a hot drink; it was 9 times out of 10, a nice cup of tea.


But I have decided that my newly formed addiction for coffee, is one habit that I need to correct.  I have decided since this is my last semester of university life (well cross fingers and toes that it is); that this is also the semester that I break my coffee habit!  Now, don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that the stress of study or university life has pushed me into a reliance of caffeine or caffeinated drinks.  Its more likely that I have been hooked into the loyalty card drive.  The competitive lust to reach the end of the line to be rewarded with the prize…


When I look in my wallet, at a glance I can see at least 8 – yes you read that correctly EIGHT different cafe coffee loyalty cards!  All of which are nearly at the point of another free coffee.  For some unknown crazy reason – TEA is not considered “worthy” enough to gain a hole punch towards my reward?

I have decided that one by one – those cards – once they have reached the end (of course LOL) will NOT be replaced with a new one.  Slowly I will be down to my last hole punch and last reward.  Once that happens – my last reward will pretty much be my last coffee.  Well not LAST LAST.  But last in my addictive cycle of only purchasing a coffee for the pleasure of working towards a reward.  I will still have a coffee out every now and then – but I am sure that I will slowly return to having that nice cup of relaxing tea.

Til tomorrow my friends – I have just enough time to grab a coffee before my next class 😉


Day 5 of 21


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