It’s Monday :L

I am not a Monday hating type of person; I just dislike them less than say… Friday’s.  Well, unless we are on holiday somewhere – THEN Monday’s are super satisfying; because it feels like I am getting away with something LOL.  It just seems all that harder to feel motivated on a Monday than it does on a Wednesday, say?  It’s like on Wednesday (hump day) you know the weekend is just around the corner – in reach of relaxation, family time or even a good old fashion road trip!


At least there is only one Monday per week.

Oddly, somehow Tuesday’s, even though only the day after Monday – still are not as bad as Monday.  It feels like Monday’s takes all the wrap for being the ‘bad day’ of the week.  Once Monday has passed you somehow feel as though you can get through anything that is thrown at you.  That all your super powers are returned or recharged – but only after Monday!


Funny, though?  This Monday can’t be as bad as most?  I have been able to arrive super early to university AND find the time to knock another post out AND I am still on track to completing my “21 days to make my blogging habit“.  So, not ALL Monday’s are bad…

Til tomorrow my friends…


9 of 21 (nearly half way there!)


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