Hell week!

At uni, every semester I always seem to have a ‘hell week’.  A hell week is when every lecturer seems to get together and plot to have a stack of stuff due all in the same week!  I have one more essay that is due on Monday and things will settle down again until late September, early October!

Today, was especially trying!  First up, my human bio lab – let’s count primate teeth :/. Next up – stage 300 anthro presentation; where half the half team have turned up for our team meetings and half haven’t!  Thank GOD the presentation was short and sweet.  Then I had two hours to finish an 1500 write up for a 3000 word essay on hate, hatred and the K.K.K.

So I have gone from counting teeth, to pulling teeth, to finally punching teeth!  All in one day LOL. To say I am looking forward to our mid term break at the end of next week – is an understatement!

Til tomorrow 


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2 thoughts on “Hell week!”

  1. Wow! Hopefully the next week won’t be so hellish.

    The second semester of my third year at uni seemed to be a never-ending hell week but I somehow got through it.

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