Working out the travel camera gear…

Well, with the trip getting nearer and nearer – I will be able to stay really nailing down with some of the plans.  One thing that is currently on my mind; what gear I should take with us?

Most people just have to work out, what I see, as the easy stuff – you know what clothes to take, how many shoes can I fit in etc etc etc.  My gear problems are more like; can I afford not to take my Tri-pod?  How many lens?  One camera body or two?  Do I take my mac Book and iPad or just the iPad?   Extra lens or extra underwear!!!!  LOL :O

Every time I either pack too much or not enough!  I have never managed to find my ‘sweet’ spot!  We have 13 more weeks bofore heading out – which sounds like a very long time; BUT since I have been counting down since 52 weeks – this is NOTHING!  

I am thinking that the best plan of attack, will be to dust off my camera gear – get back into things and find my sweet spot.  With a big difference – I am thinking that I will have to start doing a few solo roadies to help find my spot.  Calvin will be sighing with a massive relief in reading those two little words – solo roadies!  I know that sounds odd for me – but when I am trying things out; people that are not into photography and Calvin is not inclined to be one of those people.  Well,  those people tend to find the whole process pain stalking and finger nail pulling.  While, YES Calvin has and still does follow me about while I am photographing.  Including following me to some of the oddest of places and (generally) doesn’t complain all that much.  I just have to say, that it can be better to just hit the road by my self and work things out before Calvin joins me on my travels.

So time to grab the road map I guess šŸ™‚

Til tomorrow my friends…


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4 thoughts on “Working out the travel camera gear…”

    1. Hey Abs, last shot is; camera gear isn’t but I have the same gear with the exception I don’t have a 300 body – I have the 700 instead šŸ‘šŸ» was too lazy to do the set up for the shot lol

      1. I like this look but I struggle to place items. I’ve got a friend who’s been trying it. She does well in the setup but her lighting is way off. It’s an art form.

      2. Your mate needs to use a very large soft box, when I had the studio and was doing set ups like this – there was no way I would get the lighting right within one (or two small ones). I use to use my 105cm octobox for these kinds of set ups. Which items?

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