You know you should never rush a lady!

Well, I don’t know about a lady, but you should never rush ME lol.  Lately I have been getting a lift into uni with Calvin.  I am one of those odd people that does not mind catching public transport – so lift in with the hubby and bus home in the afternoon.  This morning we slept in (again).  Unlike the usual, I have not packed my uni stuff the evening before.  So our usual sleep in – has actually made us late LOL.  Rushing about grabbing this and that, trying to lessen the lateness…


You can see where this is going right?  I have walked out the front door and forgotten my bus pass :L  So it looks like full fare for my carriage home this evening.  With the additional inconvenience of having to take actual cash out to pay for the fare!  OH the looks I will get from the 99% of people with the super fast tag on/off hop cards (thats the electronic payment system here in Auckland).  Which I have, just not on me at the moment 😦


And everyone think dry and warm thoughts today please – we want today to be rain free, because yes – the umbrella is sitting right next the my hop (bus) pass on my desk – at home and NOT in my bag – with me :L


17 of 21…


3 thoughts on “You know you should never rush a lady!”

    1. LOL I have a secret weapon for the forgotten key event – the lady next door has a spare one 😆 countless times I have locked myself out. Hope it wasn’t too long before you were able to get back in Noah 😱

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