Update on the continuing coffee saga

WELL, since posting about being a  Coffee Addict a little while back.  Where I was discussing my intention to cut back on not only my (cafe) coffee intake BUT also my competitive drive to reach the free click/coffee on my, way too many coffee rewards cards.

Here is an update…


I have managed to reach my caffeine reward on 4 reward cards since posting :O.  With each replacement card that they have offered – I drew the will power to either rip up the new card or flat out politely refuse the replacement all together :O


I still have 2 free coffees waiting for there collection and 6 others half way to my caffeinated rich liquid reward.  Soon I will be down to only 3 – the 3 that allow rewards from not only coffee but tea as well – these 3, I have decided – can stay LOL



18 of 21…


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