Time fly’s when your having fun!

How fast did those 20 days rocket past; almost like time had wings!


Maybe I should set another challenge so time will speed up for our pending NOV/DEC USA mega road trip … in 81 days!  Hey that might be a good idea.  Setting some sort of challenge to pass the time until we are due to fly out?

What do you guys think?  Any ideas on some 80 day challenge – and NO flying around the world in a hot air balloon in 80 days isn’t a good idea – just getting that one out there before anyone tries it on – gee it was hard enough to get Calvin to take 24 days off work at the end of the year – FORGET 80 LOL


Drop me a comment with your ideas (again no hot air balloons please).  I think I will start something new up in the next week or so.  So, for now until tomorrow my friends



20 of 21…


4 thoughts on “Time fly’s when your having fun!”

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