21 days!

Well, this is the last post in my latest posting challenge!  I have successfully made it to the end WITHOUT failing to post for the pass 21 days!


YES YES I have pushed it to the limit with a few posts being typed up and uploaded nearing midnight – but still even 1 second before midnight is still before the deadline LOL.  Thankfully my latest posting was not 1 second before but one hour :O


I have to say, that while I did manage to post every day; I do not really think that I have recreated a posting habit – as such.  Yes, I do agree that whenever you type/write frequently you find it way easier to create a new post.  BUT creating the habit – which was my intention, I feel was not achieved.  Maybe if I had set a time frame within the challenge – not as open ended with the set of rules?  I think that I need to work out a plan or timetable that will be easy to fit in around our busy lifestyle(s) and create the habit from there.  One that see’s me posting on here more often and reading other bloggers blogs as well!


Because really, after travels and photography, my next fav thing is planning and time management!



21 of 21!!!!!

Stay tuned …. something special happening on Monday…

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