I <3 Monday's

The return of I <3 Monday’s

I decided over the weekend, while still pondering about what challenge that I can start up next, that I will bring back my ‘I ❤ Monday’s’ series.


So, from next Monday, and every Monday until at least the end of 2016, I am going to post my fav pic of the week just gone.  I guess it will be just like everyone’s wordless Wednesday’s but on Monday.  Where I won’t have oodles of words going blah blah and blah – just a pic that I have taken over the past 7 days; that I like.  The photo will be my own (or on the extremely rare occasion – from Calvin).  These photos will be either from my/our mobile phone or from my actual camera – you remember those, the ones that you cannot text from :O.

Only fitting, when you think about; since I have decided that it is time to get back into photography and all (again).  Images will be watermarked like the image below – this is my fav pic from last weekend.  It was taken while sitting in the car with the countryside passing me by – I looked up from my phone and managed to quickly take a snap before it was too late 🙂


But enough words for this Monday; tomorrows post will be about what plans I have for future Tuesday’s – SEE, I actually sat down over the weekend and made a plan of some sorts – a blogging plan of attack you could say…



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