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Tipsy Tuesday’s

So, continuing with the whole creating a plan and therefore a habit for my posting/blogging thing; in addition to the ‘I ❤ Monday’s’ post, I am going to try posting a weekly Tuesday series.  “T” being the defining letter here.


Every Tuesday I intend to post something that relates to “T“.  Like Travel, Tips, and even the odd Tutorial (like on photoshop, photography and maybe even the odd cooking one).  Why theme up you are saying, or should I say thinking?  Well it just makes it easier for me to create a habit if I have some form of structure in place.  So that I know that I need to think up something relating to these topics.  That I am not just sitting here thinking “HELL what do I post about today”.  Having a narrower topic base will make it easier to follow up on.  Also, I am sure you guys would like a bit of structure as well.  Some of you may like to only pop in when I post a wordless post, others might like my endless ranting; heck some of you might like both LOL!


So, from next Tuesday; again until the end of 2016 my intention is that I will post something on a T based theme :).  If you have anything that you would like to see in future Tuesday’s post drop me a line and I will see what I can do 🙂



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