BUT wait…. There is MORE!

In addition to the new regular posts… I have decided to have total random POP-UP posts.  These posts will always be while on the road or out and about.  Like I am currently – I’m sitting in a French tea shop that has shop made chocolates and chocolate related goodies AKA Mabel HEAVEN!

 These posts will all be in real time – as in – I type and then upload straight after I have finished.  They will be on random days – and will not be regular.  I decided that sometimes I just don’t want to wait to tell you want I have just seem or tasted or I just need to rant to someone – AND YOUR IT! 

WHY?  Well, sometimes I have an a need to just randomly say/post.  It is as simply as that!  

These pop-up posts will not have been planned and mostly be about our travels that we are currently doing.  Like for example…

WOW I just managed to scare the whole tea room and get every single person in here to look at ME…because I wasn’t looking where I was putting my teaspoon after stirring my tea, as I was distracted by rereading what I just typed – BANG teaspoon on the floor LOL – Sorry  room full of tea loving chocolate eaters – my bad :).  Actually, the posts should be more exciting than Mabel dropping a teaspoon; but you get where I am heading.  

This new post will just be random in every form.  In the place, the time, the topics and even when I post :).  And I hope you enjoy the future pop-ups!




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