Casual Friday's

Keeping it Casual

So, the last of the ahead posting plan of attack – we arrive at Friday.  I decided that Friday would be the perfect day for me to post on.  For starters for the rest of the year – I have Fridays off!  I pretty much have the whole day to myself.  The rest of the world are out working – and while I still have one semester left – I get to at least live it up on that day.  Fridays I have decided are going to be a free for all type of post.


Very casual, very relaxed, mostly personal – NOW Calvin no need to freak out.  When I say personal, I am talking about my view on the world, a book or movie or just a plan old rant about something that happened to me during the week.  As you can see, Friday’s will be me – returning to my ramblings.  Which hopefully, most of you can understand LOL.  ‘Personal’ does not mean I going to sit down and type out what we are doing this weekend or how we met blah blah blah.  But, if your interested I met Calvin in Auckland 20 plus years ago!!!

Friday’s will be where I can get all excited about a future trip or gear that I brought (but for which I tell Calvin it is old and not at all new).  Friday’s will simply be causal… and most of all a bit of fun 🙂




Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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