POP UP shake shake shake

Well – we were awoken this morning (4:40am) to the bed and house for that fact shaking all over the place – it lasted a massive 40 seconds.  Have had a few messages asking if we are all good etc etc, so I thought that I would post a ‘pop-up’ post letting everyone know that we are all A-OK.  YEP only thing that happened was that we were awoken WAY to early.

But this got me thinking; we live in a country that shakes pretty much every day.  More to the point, I live in a city that is surrounded by volcanoes YET we have no plan, no bottled water or tinned foods, not even a battery powered radio.  I am thinking that while I am on these holidays I need to get an emergency box sorted.  Because while nothing as yet has hit Auckland – there is always a chance that it could.  AND not being even slightly ready is not only foolish BUT dangerous as well! 

So, as you can see from the blue pins in the image above – there are a few volcanoes in my fair city.  Yes, yes most are extinct or asleep BUT it only takes one to change the face of Auckland.  So not doing something/anything really is pretty silly!

So – again just letting you all know – we are good.




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