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What to take?

Travel and Technology go hand in hand these days.  It’s not uncommon for people to travel with smart phones, tablets, laptops and all sorts of photography type gadgets.  With our pending USA road trip coming up, I have started to think about what gear to take?  Now you will be thinking that I am talking about my camera gear.  But, I’m not.


While I will be thinking about what camera gear to take on the trip, I generally work out my camera gear after I have worked out what we are planning on visiting.  What I am actually talking about, is what blogging gear that I am planning on taking?  Since buying the keyboard for my iPad a few months back; I have been using both my laptop and iPad to type up blogs while traveling about.  Normally, this problem is solved by the fact that we are luggage restricted – weight wise.  BUT what about the times when are aren’t restricted?  Like when your on a local road trip, on a cruise or in this case, when having extra weight allowance for your flight!

Then what?


Since we have this extra luggage allowance for our next trip, I don’t need to worry about having to choose which to take.  As such, I have been wondering, do I take both or either or the other?  After a few weeks of trial and error and seeing which gadget works better – I came to the conclusion that each have pros and cons that better much cancel out each other!  AGAIN, I am seemingly at the same place – unsure what to take or leave behind!  Calvin wasn’t much help.  When I asked him his opinion on the subject – I get “that’s nice dear” and then a totally confused look from him when I threw something at his head for not listening to me (DON’T STRESS NO CALVIN’s were harmed in the conversation LOL).  I decided that, while Calvin is helpful with most problems – this one he was not :).


So, trial and error time again.  What I found out, was that while out and about, it has been so handy having my iPad in my handbag.  Because it is so light and not as large as my laptop; it was actually way easier to carry as well.  Unlike my laptop, which while is bigger, and heavier than my iPad – it is easier to use while typing up – well pretty much anything.  At the end of trying to see which device to take – I ended up concluding that I was none the wiser.  Each device has merit, each device as its let downs…


In the end, I decided that since I am able to take both; that I will take both.  While I do prefer to write up a post on my laptop, my laptop is not as light as my iPad/keyboard combination.  Now to work out what camera gear to take :O…




7 thoughts on “What to take?”

  1. Ha ha, sounds like my way of making decisions too.

    Hubby works out how many days were away and what we’re doing then tailors his holiday wardrobe to fit… I take as much as I’m allowed and choose what to wear when I’m there. 😊

  2. I’ve never used a tablet before, but when I am on the road, I want to be able to find an Internet cafe (or bring my laptop) since posting blogs on a mobile phone is nothing short of cumbersome (and then some).

    1. Have never used an Internet cafe before 😱 nor used my phone to write up a post – that would drive me bonkers 😜 do love the iPad/keyboard set up – it’s almost the same as using my laptop, if you have a tablet Noah you should try it some time – way better than the phone option!

  3. For us it’s always about time away. One week then just the iPads, two weeks possibly both, three weeks we take both. However I now have an MacBook Air along with the pro, so I have a small light laptop option. this year will be our first vacation where I don’t have coursework

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