Pop up :) What to do in Auckland?

Well after yesterday’s little adventure; I decided to keep it local today.  MMMM opps, you don’t actually know about yesterday’s adventure as yet.  Well not until next weeks posts – surprise next Tuesday’s post is about yesterday’s adventure.  Anyway – TODAY I decided to keep it local and see what could you do in Auckland that is free?  

The answer – the Auckland Museum.  Well free that is IF you are an Aucklander, otherwise you have to pay something.  BUT the museum is also free if you are a member.  WHICH by funny chance, Calvin and myself are – well we are both Aucklander’s and members – so either way it’s free!

OK so on this the actual post then… 

Some of you might be thinking why did would you pay to join the museum when you can already enter for free?  


Not only as members do we get free entry, we also get advanced invites to paid events (at members rates), member only free tours, member only advanced entry into new displays, free entry into new exhibit’s (which general public – including Aucklander’s pay for), ALSO behind the scene free tours of the working museum AND wait there is more – a members only lounge.  This lounge has clean restrooms – where there is never a line.  The lounge also has free bottled water, tea and coffee – all wrapped up in a comfy space which is away from everyone and all the noise!  

NOW you see why we joined 🙂

So while yes, technically we still get free entry into the museum; the added extras make coming to the museum WAY nicer and inviting.  Plus from us joining we have actually been returning more often than we had in the past.  This morning I have had a lovely walk around by myself (ok and with all the strangers around me) while Calvin is busy at work.  Also last month we were lucky to be able to take a behind the scene tour of the Anthro Department – pretty much BONES and more BONES!!!

HELLO – who wouldn’t want to see/feel/hear all about old bones that ARE NOT on public display – and even when they are on display you CANT them pick up, roll around in your hands and yes even SMELL – which YES I did lol!   

Oh – did I also mention that there is free WIFI at the museum for ALL – that in itself for a reason for a road tripper like myself to check this spot out!  SO for now, I leave you – as I slip my free tea (yes still trying to kick the coffee habit) in my board like room – for one – as I am the only soul in here.  You should check out your local museum and see if they offer any membership programs – you never know what you will get for free 🙂



(This post is one of my random pop up posts while on the road)


Please post a comment I always reply and enjoy your views

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