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Where do all the socks go?

Where do all the socks go?  This is an age old question, much like other seemingly unanswerable questions.  Like what is the answer to life?  How long is a piece of string? OR Where is the real end of the rainbow?  I googled this question the other day – when once again, I lost another 3 single socks.  I wonder if socks have been disappearing since dryers were first made available for purchase WAY back in 1938?  This was one of the facts I found when I googled ‘lost socks in dryers’.

I also wonder why the disappearing socks always manage to be the ones that I have none others like them.  Which means that I end up with multiple single socks that I can’t pair up with other single socks?  Why is it that the many pairs of Calvins endless black socks never seem to be the ones that go missing – or M.S.A (Missing Sock Action).

In my search for the answer to this question, I found many others have fallen victim to this mystery and that there are other such household disappearances that have gone unsolved.  Like for example, missing lids from kitchen containers, missing shoes and keys.  Then I read about random roadside reappearances of single shoes and or shoes – miles from anyway from anyone or thing.  Are these occurrences related?  Or random unrelated disappearances?  Do our dryers have some sort of sock traveling blackholes within them?  Are our dryers an escape route for our poor socks; that are suffering day in and out with smelly foot odour?

Because – really I am fast becoming very much over losing my odd colour hiking socks!  To the point that I just about to go out and buy boring old black socks.  Because Calvin doesn’t seem to have this issue!  If anyone has found the answer to my missing sock problems PLEASE let me know – I like the expensive socks – and Calvin complains when I spend too much lol.  Well he doesn’t really but it is such a waste!




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