Coffee Rant

My question to you, what is before I begin my rant…

Do you think cafe’s should charge for decaf?”


Now the RANT can begin LOL

Because they charge you for adding things to your coffee; like an extra shot of caffeine!  Yet, oddly they do not reduce the price when I ask for a half strength or one shot coffee?  SO why is this so?  How can it be – that they add charges for adding extra caffeine but seem to wave the fact over that they do not reduce the price for less or no caffeine at all?!


Now, I have been slowly reducing the amount of cafe coffee that I have been consuming since starting university.  I started this by reducing my coffee’ to only having one shot of coffee.  It was not until I decided to go full hog and go caffeine free that I discovered that while they have not been reducing the price of my one shot coffee’ they had the *insert rude word here* to add an extra charge for a caffeine free cup of coffee.

WELL – 1st and last time I order a coffee without the caffeine!

I really simply do not understand the coffee shop industry – they really do not care about their customers LOL…


It is enough to turn a coffee addict to tea!

I feel much better than that I have that off my chest.  So much so that I am off to grab a coffee – one shot from the cafe 😛

Chat soon…



P.S only 26 more days until we fly to America!


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