WOW – I think I am FINISHED!

Well – that is that.  As of THIS MORNING hopefully  have FINISHED university!  I have just completed my last two exams.  YES YES, I still have an essay to finish over the next 7 days – but that is actually easy – when compared to the exam that I finished this morning – 3 essay in 2 hrs (a massive 22 pages long!)  I shocked even myself – I have to say, even I was surprised at how fast my little fingers can go when it came down to it!  So as from tomorrow – I am free.  Well free to start to look for a new career in the corporate world :O

Arh yes back in the land of adults and wages.

It is actually a little intimidating now that it has arrived, all I am now waiting on is the final results.  I have been that emerst in full time university studies – where I have been surrounded by the 20 something millennial’s (and also at times under 20’s) that I feel a little worried that I wont be accepted back into the fold – you know, my age group.  How will I adjust being back in the land where if you need to communicate with someone – you :O CALL THEM!  I have come to terms with snap chatting conversations – how will I cope – will I be accepted?  Oh the next level of stress is setting in LOL

At least I have still have one more summer left.  Where I can be the carefree student – being that we will be away in America for half of November and December.  It only makes sense to wait until I have returned from our pending road trip… RIGHT?

Really – isn’t it not a waste of time looking for a new position just before taking off overseas?  Even then, when we return; really who is going to be looking for new staff over the new year period?  I mean, generally over that time of the year people are looking for causal staff.

WELL that is what I have convinced Calvin with LOL.


So for now, I am just going to enjoy, plan the rest of the trip, blog and get what summer I can get in – before we fly over to the winter season in the United States of America HA HA HA WOOHOO

Chat SOON!


As now I can post again – and post as MUCH as I can, I will.  Because I will need too, that is before the grind of work chains me to yet another desk LOL




14 days, 13 hrs and 29 mins!  (not that I am count…OH hell I am counting – who am I kidding)


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