Blogging, USA 2016

Keep Calm Mabel and Calvin are coming!

YEP – we have FINALLY arrived at the eve of our next mega USA road trip AND I can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive!  Pretty sure I wont sleep all that much this evening.  Even after all the oversea trips and flights that I have taken I still get excited before every single trip – even the short hops between New Zealand and Australia 🙂

I just wanted to post and let everyone know that WHILE I will try to post while we are on this trip – posting will be here, there and really isn’t set in stone.  Sometimes its just as simply as there isn’t enough hours in the day to sit down and type up a post while we are on the road.  I am taking both my ipad and my mac book – SO I promise you this – that I will try and at least continue with the wordless Monday photo post.

Right – Im off to make sure that everything will be done and ready for us to pack tomorrow morning – yes we are late packers.  Even though most people believe (no thanks to Calvin jokingly telling everyone) that I pack weeks before any trip.  I actually DONT.  If anything I pack the morning of a trip or the evening prior to our flight 😛

Will post tomorrow while we are waiting at the airport – as I am SURE I will make us leave super early – now that I do DO!





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