Travel Tuesday

The Local Tourist

At the dramatic end of our last big trip – where we missed our return flight to New Zealand.  Due to Calvin being sped away by LA paramedics (from airside LAX – of all places!)  Calvin and I have decided 2017 will be the year we become ‘local tourists’.


What is a local tourist you are thinking?  Well, a local tourist is where you ‘visit’ your own town, and your own country – like a person would, that is, if they were visiting from another country.  While Calvin and I have actually already toured from the tippy top to the flat bottom of New Zealand – many years ago.  We have not re-explored much of New Zealand since moving back four years ago.  Instead, we have seen more of Australia, Singapore, Fiji, and another massive roadie around the good old U.S of A; and that’s just since we moved back to New Zealand!


The funny thing is – while we were travelling around the U.S.A NOV/DEC 0f 2016.  Everyone that we spoke too (and the list was many lol), all asked us… “why did you leave New Zealand to visit HERE!”  Which, when you think about it – is a good question!  Where have we been/seen in New Zealand in that time we have returned?  Well, we have popped into Dunedin for a weekend, Wellington for our anniversary and let us not forget the many MANY day trips down to our fav hot pool (hot springs) spot down in Rotorua (aka Roto-vegas).  We haven’t really seen/been anywhere else!


Don’t get me wrong, I geographically know New Zealand – I just don’t feel like I ‘know’ my own homeland.  While I know all the places to see, the times of year to see it and a good part of the history that goes along with it.  I DONT know her, not like some visitors do.  And, sadly, not like I know other places in other countries.  And, WELL, I see that as a big trouble that I/We really need to rectify – starting this year!  So, that’s our plan for travel in 2017 – we will be re-seeing New Zealand and taking a ‘good old’ Kiwi Roadtrip!  With, maybe the odd hop over the ditch to Sydney for a weekend to catch up with our friends we left behind 😦 HEY nearly everyone says Sydney is an extension on New Zealand – so it’s not that out of the brief 😉

Anyways, that’s it for this edition of my travel Tuesday session – HAPPY TT everyone ❤




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