Im not so good with conformity … can you tell?

As you are guessing, I am not so good with conformity.  Posting to a ‘set’ structure really isn’t me and frankly, a tad constraining.  Blogging structure like, on Tuesdays we post about travel.  Wednesday, well Wednesdays are wordless; but you can throwback your Thursday’s ARHHHHHHH.  Yes YES, I know I can set my blog up how ever I wish too – there are no true set in stone rules or guidelines.  But after some time of blogging, certain styles and structure form; especially with certain types of blogs.  Sadly, the longer you blog; these structure become very clear and very standardised – and very done.  Even the themes and hashtags that we all use – they are, in a way – restricting our creativity.


But it seems the more I try to conform, the less I post.  And to be honest what is the point of towing the line when I am not enjoying it.  Especially when it seems that when I am free writing I seem to post frequently and most importantly – I feel I enjoy my blog as much as I hope the people that drop by do.  After a bit of time away and reflecting a few thoughts on exactly WHY I blog – I have decided to throw out all forms of conformity – and just get back to why I started in the first place.  From today I am going to blog whatever drops into my crazy uncomforted mind.  No longer will I constrict myself, my creatively nor my blog to travelling Tuesdays and wordless Wednesday’s.  HECK, I might throw caution into the wind and do a WEEK of wordlessness – why should Wednesday be so lucky and wordless? :O.


Just think of the scandal – no words for a week!  Then totally confuse everyone and write poems or recipes for the following week.  What is better?  Blogging to a set structure – where posts are forced and infrequent.  Or blogging for pleasure, sharing my adventures and creative self.  Getting back to the grass roots of just what WordPress was all about – back when people blogged from the pleasure of sharing and not the dream of recognition from the masses – which it seems like some blogs are trying to achieve.


So from today who knows where/what I will post.  Because, truthfully, its about the journey that we all take; and not the end destination.




6 thoughts on “Im not so good with conformity … can you tell?”

  1. What is this “conformity” you speak of? My own blog has never followed any set pattern. I just write when and what I want, and people seem to like that. Sometimes I’m serious, sometimes snarky, sometimes I just post photos, sometimes just words. I think part of the draw of my blog is that you never know quite what you’re going to get. It’s more fun that way.

    1. And thats what I need to get back too Cordelia’s mom 🙂 if there was no conformity there would not be set phases and hashtags like #TT (travel Tuesdays) and wordless Wednesdays – its out there – we just like to pretend its not 🙂

  2. It’s your blog. 😊
    I blog for me to make me smile when I don’t remember who I am anymore… And if I can make someone else smile along the way then brilliant. As for rules and regulations… Definitely not smile raisers. 😊

  3. Amen! Though I sometimes use the “conformity” for inspiration, there’s no need to restrict wordless posts to Wednesdays, travel posts to Tuesdays, and throwback posts to Thursdays. My throwbacks are often also travel posts, anyway!

    I almost always follow my own heart and mind when posting. Be a renegade and go with your own gut!

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