Only 370 days to go…

Well, while I have been silent on the blog over the past few months since returning to the workforce – we haven’t been sitting at home hiding under the covers (even though I am pretty sure Calvin wished we had been lol).  I have been busy busy busy.  With my new job, trying to become a gym bunny AND planning trips in the future.  We have even booked our next big trip.  So what is coming up with Calvin and I?


Well what isn’t – where to start?  Next month Calvin and I are heading to Wellington for a quick weekender, October we are heading for a long weekend in Sydney – I am so looking forward to catching up with our very good friends, November we plan on taking a ferry over to the Coromandel AND a formal NYE Ball to see the year out.  BUT all our plans pale to our next big trip – in 370 days…

In 370 days Calvin and I are taking off for 4 days in Shanghai and then finding our way home over the following 22 days – on a slow boat from China.


As, well, always – I have started a countdown clock. TICK TOCK!  But the countdown clock is the only thing that is standard for this trip.  Unlike our usual trips we will not be in total control.  We won’t be jumping in a car and road tripping from one side of a country to the other.  We won’t even be planning the route.  This time, everything totally out of our hands!  And oddly, I am starting to look forward to taking time to include a pre plan trip – all I have to do is plan 4 days in Shanghai – 4 days in one spot!



M – xxx


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