Sitting in the airport lounge looking around

So I am currently sitting in the Air New Zealand lounge in Auckland (NZ).  I kid you not – there is STANDING room only and a line out the door waiting for space to free up  :O.  I am so glad that we are early airport arrivers.  We have had our pre-flight breakfast, 2 cups of coffee and bonus we also have a comfy spot to sit and watch the mad dash when a seat frees up.  I flew out a this time of day a few weeks ago – decided that since the main terminal was pretty much empty that I wouldn’t worry about heading into the lounge – I now see why LOL.

Today we are heading to Sydney Australia for a mini long weekend.  Things to do and people to see – I am guessing we won’t have a minute to spare and will return to work on Monday like we have run a marathon!  We have a busy month of zipping around, so we are very lucky that I time manage so well 😛 makes for less stress.  Anyway – this post isn’t really about anything – I just felt that I should look like my fingers doing some work and not just sitting here, aimlessly people watching.  Well – I am people watching at the same time BUT I am also looking as if I am busy working on “important business manners” – shhhhhh I’m not LOL.

Well, it’s it – just a quickie HI everyone  before we head to our gate




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