Week one has arrive!

Welcome 2018 what took you so long!

With the start of the new year – starts our new project – Project 52.

Project 52, in brief is where I am (hoping to) travel and post every weekend of 2018! Since the 1st January 2018 is a Monday, I thought I would drop in and pre post – YEP the PROJECT is a GO!


As such, we are currently away – for the sake of the project you know LOL. And to aide with all the details, photos and material that I am and will be collecting while we are on the road; I am using a neat journal app called ‘Day One’. Since a lot of my fellow bloggers are also avid journal writers I wanted to share.  It’s hard to find good apps for daily journaling and when you do – its nice idea to pass on the love and share 😉

So the day has finally arrived – the start of 2018 and PROJECT 52 – woohoo… hope to see you back next week…