What a magic word!

How magical the word ‘ticket’is?  A word that I simply love.  Tickets are so magical, magical because a personal holding a ticket, isn’t just hold a simple piece of paper.  A ticket can transform from a piece of paper, to access to a plane, train or ship- just like that – MAGIC.  See a person with a ticket has something to see or somewhere, the little piece of paper has future invisibly written all over it.  To us, a ticket typically equals us going somewhere.  AND I have tickets – to somewhere 🤣.  In this case the somewhere is back to the shores of the West Coast of North America – San Fran.  See, I just love tickets!


Mmmm chocolate… LOL

Tickets, also means that I have something to plan ahead for ❤.  And you all know that I LOVE planning – especially planning for holidays.  So far I don’t have anything worked out for this trip as yet, but since we are not going to be taking on any big road trip for this little adventure – the planning should be relatively straight forward.  If any of you have suggestions for San Fran – we are open for any ideas if you have them 😁 and you know us – the roads less traveled are more our scene.



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