What should we do in…

So what should we do in San Fran?  I have just started to look for things to get up too for our pending trip to San Fran.

SO far I have found:

Bakers Beach and the Cliff House
Muir Wood trees
Japanese Tea Garden
Museum of Ice Cream
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
Lake Tahoe
The Exploratorium
Yosemite, Monterey, Carmel and Pacific Grove

We have already booked a tour with the guys at the Painted Lady Tours and night at watching the San Francisco Symphony performing Beethoven’s #9.  Oh and a friend from waaaaaay back in my childhood currently lives in San Fran, her hubby is a head coach for a Cal university (the rugby team).  We are hoping to be able to catch a home side college game as well.  And of course, knowing me, I am sure to fit in at least 5 visits to outlet malls LOL!!!!  I am now thinking that I have found enough stuff to get up too.  If we manage to fit in all of the above, we may need a holiday after the San Fran vaca.  But, to be honest, it isn’t a vaca unless you get about seeing everything that you can possibly fit in.  If you have any more ideas, drop a comment.  I am SURE we can fit in a little more :O



2 Replies to “What should we do in…”

  1. An interesting way of having a whale of a time flying, in that picture!
    Let me see; another thing San Fran is famous for is an earthquake, but you might prefer to pass on that.

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